Poppydogart Gift Card
NEW - art commission gift card

Are you looking for that truly unforgettable gift for someone special?

Would you like to give art as a gift, but are frightened of choosing artwork for someone else, since there’s no guarantee that the other person will like it? The solution is here... We now sell a series of gift cards—each redeemable for a different sized commission piece, created around whatever concept and colour scheme is chosen by the gift card recipient.
Prices start at just £50.00. Please contact us advising of your details, the recipients details and size of gift card you wish to purchase, and we will send the card to the recipient on your behalf.
More details can be found in our Commissions Gallery or use the contact us form to discuss your requirements.

Most people don’t ever think about commissioning artwork. . . so receiving a gift card for a unique, commissioned work of art would be a truly memorable gift!