Reason d'etre

Art is more than a word to me. In it's many forms, it expresses … it sings and dances … it informs and is thought provoking ... it amuses and amazes... is constantly moving and changing... I love it !

I am a largely self-taught artist and printmaker. I have been lucky enough to attend some great workshops and classes which always add to my thirst for knowledge and build on my experiences with new, fresh ideas and inspiration. The more I learn, the more I realise there is to learn. I have spent several years trying new media, exploring art in its wider sense, visiting galleries and exhibitions around the UK and Europe, and interacting with all types of artists to gain further insight into the art world.

I have felt inspired to take my work to different levels. I don't stick to one method or media, but am always looking for new and interesting ways in which to express my artistic tendencies as I do not want to be stylised in any one genre. I paint what I like – what I find interesting and intriguing at any one time. I love how art teaches me to look and really appreciate the world around me with all its colours and patterns; how a painting can hide or reveal itself; and how each mark and movement can be interpreted and admired. I want to share this experience and hope my work brings pleasure to the viewer. My primary media of choice is pastel, where I can blend or highlight each mark and colour. I am currently playing with loose watercolour and getting the paint to work its magic, along with experimenting with acrylics, gouache, water mixable oils, pencils, glass fusion, and pen and ink. My work ranges from a simple child like viewpoint to complex realism. In printmaking, I focus on lino cuts as this offers fulfilment both from the planning colour and the carving aspects.

I firmly believe that there are so many talented but sorely unappreciated artists, who are in need of support for their creativity, and for more people to fill their homes with colour and wonderful, interesting and unique art work, that I decided to try to bring the two sets of people together through this website.

I do hope you will enjoy the work displayed and will feel moved to support the local, talented but often unrecognised, artists and appreciate not all mass produced "art" is pleasurable or valuable.